The Huna Heiau was founded by Kahuna Lani based on the Huna principles of Kahuna Max Freedom Long.

The mission of the Huna Heiau is:

To create a community that supports and embodies the Huna life-style, maintains the Huna holidays, and provides for the care, nurture, concern and communion of fellow-travelers.

Anyone is welcome to join the Huna Heiau and become part of the Hunian fellowship. Membership Vows are taken upon joining and renewed each year at Makahiki.

Our ministers are called Kahunas and are ordained to perform the Holy Sacraments in Service to our members and those who come to us for help.

Huna Holidays

There are three Huna Holidays.

The Day of Remembrance is celebrated on Kahuna Max’s birthday, October 26th. We honor our beloved dead with an `awa ceremony, and recall how our lives have been enriched by our friends and family.

The Festival of Cigbo is a birthday party for Huna. We celebrate the founding of Huna by Kahuna William (Dr. William Tufts Brigham) on the last day of February. This is the start of Makahiki Season.

Makahiki celebrates the return of the Sun on March 21st. It is marked by a Dawn Greeting ceremony, the renewal of Membership Vows and the Firewalk.

Prayer and Ceremonies

In addition to the daily performance of the Great Ritual Prayer of Huna — the Telepathic Mutual Healing Group or TMHG, we Tithe to the Huna Heiau, which invites our Aumakua to provide for our prosperity and we perform the Hunian Grace at each meal, to restore the natural balance between us and all life on the planet.

Calendar of Events

Day of Remembrance October 26

Festival of Cigbo February 28 (or 29th on Leap Years)

Makahiki and Firewalk March 21

Ask the Kahuna” Forums 2nd Sunday of each month

Huna Heiau Q&A 1st and 3rd Monday evening

Contact Support@HunaHeiau.org for dates, times, and phone numbers for the Forum and Q&A sessions.