Day of Remembrance (10/26/2008)

Aloha kakou!

Once again a Huna Holy Day is here. Today is the Day of Remembrance, which we celebrate on Kahuna Max’s birthday – October 26th. Before his death Kahuna Max asked to be remembered each year on his birthday, which has been done since.

As we did last year for the first time, this year we will remember our beloved Kahuna Nui Lani as well as the other Huna Kupuna and our own beloved dead.

It is the tradition of Huna to not dwell on the passing of our beloved into the Dreamworld, but to remember how are lives have been enriched because they were with us – no matter for how long. And we do this only one day a year. After all, they would want us to live happy lives, not dwell on the loss and suffering.

As Hunians, it is also our duty to those who came before us to honor them and feed them mana, which they need to “process” the lessons of their last lifetime. For the Dead cannont make mana. No new thoughts can be thought without mana. And so one cannot learn from mistakes wtihout mana. As Kahuna Lani used to say, “We are all mistkers!” so our Dead (and then we too) rely of the living to provide them with mana – every year. On the Day of Remembrance.

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