Huna offers us new ways to understand our purpose in the Created World and how to live happy lives. Many of the concepts and words used to describe Hunian concepts do not have equivant words or concepts in English. For example, Aloha, is not just a clan greeting, although it is used in that way. Its deeper meaning is an acknowledgement that we are all interconnected, and that we recognize ourselves in you and vice versa. Saying “Aloha” is much more than just saying “Hey!”

Many of the articles and books you’ll read here and elsewhere are sprinkled with these terms and concepts. Refer to the Pronunciation Guide, if you are not yet comfortable with the Hunian Language and refer to the Hunian Glossary for defintions of the more common Hunian words and concepts.

Much has been written about Huna – in magazines, books, posts and on the Internet.

Kahuna Lani studied with Kahuna Max Freedom Long and the other Huna Kupuna (elders, lorefounders). He’s written several books that are hard to find. The latest book is Huna Elevator Conversations: Enlightenments One Floor at a Time. Three other books were in progress when he died and will be published and made available here along with his other books. Visit the Kahuna Lani page¬†for more information.

Kahuna Max Freedom researched the secrets of the Kahunas for many years. He published monthly research Bulletins from 1948 until his death in 1971. Much of his findings were published in his many books. Visit and

Max Freedom Long Huna Bulletins