- A -

aka (AH-kah) Dark Matter, substance of consciousness

akua (ah-KOO-ah) a god

akua makua (ah-KOO-ah mah-KOO-ah) godly gods who assist in the administration of the Created World

alanui (ah-lah-NOO-ee) path, way

ali`i (ah-LEE-ee) chief, ruler

aloha (ah-LOW-ha) compassion, divine love, awareness of interconnectedness of all things

`ano`ano (AH-no AH-no) lit. seeds. Prayer forms

auhane (ow-HA-neh) conscious self; soul that thinks, plans analyzes; responsible for thought, decisions, planning, analysis.

Aumakua (OW-mah-KOO-ah) Divine Nature, Guardian Angel, High Self.  One’s divine nature. The oldest of the three Selves.

aunihipili (ow-nee-hee-PEE-lee) subconscious self; soul that is in charge of our bodies, emotions, and stores our memories; responsible for memory, the body, all emotions, everything physical and telepathy. It is the youngest of the three Selves.

- H -

hala (HAH-lah) to miss the mark; a hurt or a sin.

ha`ole (ha OH-leh) foreigner; literally, breath-less

haumana (how-MAH-nah) student , devotee

heiau (HEY-ee-ow) church or temple

Heiau Institute of Huna Studies -the theological seminary of the Huna Heiau (Church)

hewa (HEY-vah) to make a mistake

hihia (hee-HEE-ah) entanglement, difficulty

ho`ohiki (ho oh-HEE-kee) vows

ho`oikaika (ho oh-ee-kah-EE-kah) strengthen

ho`okama (ho oh-KAH-mah) genealogical adoption

Huna (HOO-nah) is the name given by Max Freedom Long to the religion and collective Lores of the Huna Kupuna (Elders). It has its parentage in both the old Ho`omana Religion of ancient Hawaii and Western New Thought Religion. `o huna in Hawaiian and Hunian.

Huna Heiau (HEY-ee-ow) is a Church founded by Kahuna Lani based upon the teachings of Max Freedom Long, with his support

Hunian (HOO-nee-un) The language of Huna, based on the Hawaiian language as captured in The Dictionary of the Hawaiian Language by Lorrin Andrews, published in 1865, and developed by Kahuna Max and Kahuna Lani. Also used as the name for a member (lala) of the Huna Heiau Church and TMHG.

HRA – Huna Research Associates – group of people who read and contributed to Kahuna Max’s research into Huna and its Lores

- I -

ino (EE-no) anything that is contrary to the general good

Io (YO) The Maori name for the All Source, God, as used in the Kumu Lipo (KOO-moo LEE-poh) or Creation Chants.]

- K -

kahuna (kah-HOO-nah) minister, priest, or professional in any of the Huna Lores

Kahuna i ke Umu Ki (ee key OO-moo key) Volcano/Firewalking Kahunas

kahuna nui pule (kah-HOO-nah), priest; nui (NOO-ee), great; pule (POO-leh), prayer. Max Freedom Long was a Great Prayer Priest of Huna.

kala (KAH-lah) cleansing, removal of dark shadows

kalo (KAH-low) Tarot Cards, whether the 52-card Poker deck or the 78-card Tarot deck

ke alanui e pono ia `o huna (keh ah-lah-NOO-ee eh POH-no ya oh HOO-nah) Path of Huna Righteousness

Keonaona (keh-oh-nah-OH-nah) Kahuna of the Huna Heiau and Dean of the Heiau Institute of Huna Studies

ki`i (KEY ee) image

kino (KEY-no) body

koa (KO-ah) warrior, courage, strength

kumu (KOO-moo) foundation, source; hence teacher

kumu honua (KOO-moo ho-NOO-ah) foundation

kupuna (koo-POO-nah) elder(s)

- L -

lala (LAH-lah) member, as a branch of a tree

Lani (LAH-nee) literally, heaven or sky. Short-form of Kahuna Lani’s Hunian name Ho`anoiwahinenuiho`alani

lokahi (low-KAH-hee) unity, harmony

- M -

makahiki (mah-kah-HEE-kee) Hunian Holy Day celebrated on March 21st

malama (mah-LAH-mah) nurture, service, guard

mana (MAH-nah) is life force, or vital force; supernatural power or Oiai`o’s Grace

mana`o (mah-NAH oh) wisdom

mo`i (MOH ee) one in whom is supreme authority; leader of the Huna Heiau

- N -

na (nah) indicates that the following Hunian word is plural. e.g., na kumu, na kahuna

na`au (NAH ow) belly, solar plexus

na`auao (nah OW-ao) wisdom or enlightenment

nui (NOO-ee) great, large

- O -

oia`io (oh-YAH ee-o) fundamental truth; Io is Truth.

`okina (oh-KEE-nah)  glottal stop

`ole (OH-leh) not; negates word that precedes it

- P -

po (poh) darkness, void

po`e (POH eh) group, club, guild, association

Po`e Aumakua (POH eh OW-mah-KOO-ah) Great Company of Aumakuas

pule (POO-leh) prayer

- T -

TMHG Telepathic Mutual Healing Group; the Great Ritual Prayer of Huna

- W -

wale (WAH-leh) warrior’s attitude of acceptance of reality with no opinion or expectation