Kahuna Lani


Kahuna Lani, one of the few personal students of Max Freedom Long, considered himself the first Huna Practitioner. He developed both the Huna Koa (Warrior) Lore and the Huna Ho`ola (Healer) Lore. He tracked down the Lorefounders and Lorewardens discussed in the HRA (Huna Research Associaties) Bulletins and Huna Vistas, and brought their arts and sciences to a new level. H founded the Huna Heiau Church, the Huna Life Support Center and the Heiau Institute of Huna Studies.

He wrote about Huna for many years, trained a number of Kahunas, and helped ease the suffering of many people during his lifetime. There are many Internet posts that will be re-cycled here, and many of his books on Huna are being made available through this site. Some of this writings are:

  • The Seeing: The Three Mystical Experiences of Huna
  • Huna Elevator Conversations: Enlightenment One Floor at a Time
  • Vectors on the Alanui: Evolution of the Ki`i Kukui
  • The Web: A Warrior’s Battle to Protect the Innocent
  • Well, Duh! Blinding Flashes of the Obvious
  • Potholes on the Path
  • Walking in a Sacred Manner