Huna Heiau Membership

Membership entitles you to a number of things, foremost being participation in the Great Ritual Prayer of Huna, the Telepathic Mutual Healing Group (TMHG), joining in the celebration of the Huna Holy Days, the fellowship of our tribal community (`ohana), further study of the Huna Lores, with the potential for ordination as a Kahuna, and on-gong support from the Kahunas of the Huna Heiau.

You can join the Huna Heiau any time of the year as long as you’ve completed the Huna Conformation Course.

Membership in the Huna Heiau Church expires every year, the day before Makahiki (March 20th). This enables each person, each year, to reflect on his or her life and make the choice to continue on the Huna Path for the next year.

To Join the Huna Heiau

After completing the Huna Conformation Course if you would like to join the Huna Heiau, we invite you to email letting us know your intention in joining. A Kahuna will contact you with instructions for taking membership vows. Or if you have additional questions about membership, please send us your questions.