Prayer & Healing

You may have been wondering why some people seem to get everything they want in life and others do not. Maybe you may have been wondering why praying and praying and praying for a new or changed circumstance just hasn’t worked very well. You may even have been wondering if prayer is nothing more than ritualized wishful thinking.

Huna Prayer is accessible to everyone. It is as simple as a child asking his mother to “kiss the boo-boo to make it better.”

The Huna Heaiu offers several ways to help your prayers manifest in reality. It doesn’t require faith or even belief in Huna, nor are you expected to abandon any of the practices you are already enjoying.

If you are looking for more or for less in your life or the lives of your loved ones consider Huna Prayer as practiced by the Hunians of the Huna Heiau.

  • Ask the na Kahuna of the Huna Heiau to pray on your behalf
  • Request a Healing Icon, called a Ki`i Kukui to assist with your prayers and healing
  • Diligently practice the steps outlined in The Essential Guide to Prayer and Healing
  • Arrange for a Kalo (Tarot) Card Reading with a Kahuna to help clarify issues in your life
  • Examine and optimize your prayer requests
  • Take the Huna Initiation Course to clear your Path to your Aumakua

No matter your circumstances, the na Kahuna of the Huna Heiau are willing to try to help.