Getting Started

Have you ever wanted to develop your abilities to heal yourself or others?

Have you ever prayed for yourself or a loved one and wondered what you could do to help those prayers get answered?

A Ki`i Kukui of your very own can be used to support your intentions to ease the suffering in the world, whether you use it for healing or for prayer. If you diligently follow the steps in the Essential Guide to Prayer and Healing, your attempts to improve the quality of your life and the lives of your loved ones may be greatly improved.

Access the The Essential Guide to Prayer and Healing

The practices described in this handbook have been known for generations. These understandings of how to make effective prayers first came to light as Kahuna Nui Max Freedom Long began his research, first on his own, and then with the help of the Huna Research Associates (HRA).

We know from Kahuna Max’s writings that he was working with these elements back in the early 1920s. You may have already read about many of these concepts in the Huna Bulletins available at or in his books or elsewhere on the Internet.

The principles applied to both prayer and healing are similar and transition very easily from one to the other. Some of these principles may be new to you, even if you have explored other religious or spiritual systems for healing or prayer.

As you begin using these practices, you may be tempted to integrate them with other concepts or systems. We suggest that you resist that temptation until you experience the effectiveness of these practices in their purity.

As you become more practiced and skilled with these basic practices, you will have a strong foundation for greater understanding and application of advanced Huna methods and practices.

How to Become a Magician

The handbook for prayer and healing was initially written by Max Freedom Long and was titled “How to become a Magician — A complete ‘course’ in one lesson.”

This is from his introduction: Perhaps the best way to present the Huna angle on ‘magic’ will be to give a tentative ‘course’ covering the art.

The original audience was of the world-wide independent Huna researchers and practitioners. At the time this article served to provide a kick-start for people learning how to apply Huna principles to their prayers and healing on their own.

Kahuna Max found that the use of a special object that has been constructed a certain way could amplify a healing practice or serve as a megaphone for communicating a prayer. Years later, Kahuna Lani was able to create a sacred object for anyone to do just that.

The Ki`i Kukui

Kahuna Lani wanted to give people the ability to call on their Aumakua for help or to attempt to do small healings — people who were either not very far along the Huna Path or not on the Path at all.

The kukui nut is the chestnut-sized pit or nut of the Polynesian kukui or candlenut tree. In olden times, when there was no wood or fuel, kukuis were strung together to provide light in the night. And so the kukui has come to represent enlightenment.  Another reason Kukuis are used is because they hold mana charges well and have long been considered sacred throughout Polynesia.

Kahuna Lani created the Ki`i Kukui using the advanced Huna Lore of creating Healing Icons. After two to three weeks of daily work the kukui becomes a Ki`i Kukui – a sacred object that one can use for healing and prayer. Each one is made on request specific to the person requesting it. When used with Kahuna Max’s and Kahuna Lani’s instructions your ability to heal and pray effectively increases. Think of it as giving you a direct connection to your own Aumakua, to call upon for help in emergencies or for prayer and healing.

It is possible to pray and attempt healings without a Ki`i Kukui, but in our experience the results tend to be much improved when it is used. We have found that there may be blocks to people’s prayers getting answered when they are beginning their Huna studies. Until those blocks are identified and removed, you can use your Ki`i Kukui to pray on your own, or you may choose to have us add your prayers to the TMHG. Once you are able to become a full member of the TMHG, you will have access to the Po`e Aumakua in getting your prayers answered, not just your own Aumakua. And the Huna Initiationcourse offers additional techniques that will support a healing and prayer practice.

Once again here is the link to access the The Essential Guide to Prayer and Healing

If you would you like to read about many people’s experiences using their own Ki’i Kukui in real life. Then click here: Ki`i Kukui Experiences

Please be aware that you will be required to agree to adhere to the kapus (guidelines) for the care for your Ki`i Kukui.

Also note that a suggested donation is asked that enables us to create a Ki`i Kukui just for you.

If you would like to identify and remove blocks to having your prayers answered, you might want to consider enrolling in the Huna Initiation course. Until that time, if you would like a Ki`i Kukui of your own, click here for more information.

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