Ki`i Kukui Experiences

Ki’i Kukui: Experiences from the real life healing attempts.


…from Louisiana

Aloha kakou,

I’ve used my Ki`i Kukui a couple of more times.

Once, I successfully healed a backache (from sleeping wrong) on my husband; and once I stopped the bleeding of a nasty gash on my neighbor’s elbow. I wasn’t sure what the results would be for a deep cut; but my Kiki really came through. It was bleeding pretty bad, but stopped within about 15 seconds of placing Kiki there. She [my Ki`i Kukui] was not a pretty sight after that though … Osha would have required me to label her as hazardous waste and properly dispose of her [it was all covered in blood]. Instead, though, I wiped her down with a damp cloth, thanked her profusely, and fed her a little `awa [The little living and healing Ki`i Kukui enjoy a treat of the sacramental drug, `Awa from time to time, especially when they've been real good and worked real hard]. I was so proud of her. I wonder if she’ll ever close a wound as well as stop the bleeding.

- Renee

So, I’m going along just fine. Life is sweet…

I’m so proud of Renee, and that she felt a calling to get a Ki`i Kukui blessed and made effective by the Huna Heiau Church. AND that she uses it!

The kukui shell is sensitive to moisture, so it is important to get fresh blood off it as soon as possible or it may develop cracks and have to be sent back to the Huna Heiau Church for repairs to its shell. But even if it itself is wounded by helping another, that is just its real little badge of courage and devotion to Service. So if you are called upon to gently press it against a bleeding wound, just do the best you can to get the water or blood off it as soon as possible. And later, check the kukui shell for cracks, and if it has any, then sent it back to the Huna Heiau Church by the fastest means possible for repairs. We usually have a 24 hour turnaround on it.



…from Brazil


I am using my Ki`i Kukui since it arrived here. It’s becoming darker everyday.

Yesterday and today I had my first experiences with It. (I think It deserves a capital letter.) My right foot was still hurting a little. A month ago I went to a doctor, took some X-rays from my right foot and the doctor didn’t know why was it so red and swollen. Yesterday, when I was meditating, my foot was hurting again. Then I took my Ki`i Kukui and placed it on my foot. Two or three minutes later, my foot was all right!

Today a friend told me that her back was aching a lot. Again I took my Ki`i Kukui and placed it on her back. She immediately said that it was very hot! I wasn’t feeling the heat! Well, two or three minutes later she was smiling at me! The pain was gone! She made some movements with her back and arm to feel it better and couldn’t stop saying: “It’s magic! My pain is gone! I can’t believe!”


But what does
Io want externally from Huna? That the level of pain and involuntary suffering of the whole world is decreased. We shall spread our little healing Ki`i Kukuis all over the world, and without any desire for any commitment on anyone’s part.

Perhaps only one out a hundred Ki`i Kukui will produce another Hunian, but everywhere healings will happen.


Yes, I am one of them with Ki`i Kukui who also has faith.

Two months ago my mother had a cerebral vascular accident in front of me, at my home. I used my Ki`i Kukui on her while she was having something similar to a convulsion.

It was raining very hard when the ambulance arrived to take her to the hospital.

In the next day I saw my Ki`i Kukui on the floor next the front door.

I had dropped it and didn’t realize in time. It was there all night!

Can you imagine how sad I was? My first and very childish thought was: Oh no! I�ve lost my Aumakua!

But I didn’t give up of it/Him. I continued to use it around my neck always planning to send it back to Kahuna Lani to “fix it”.

Since her illness, my mother complains about a strong pain in her shoulder, mainly when she does some specific movements. Every day I rub and massage her shoulder. Today I decided to use my Ki`i Kukui on her shoulder. Guess what? It worked wonderfully! The pain disappeared instantly!

Two hours later one of my dogs come inside the house limping. I verified his paw and couldn’t find any bruise. Again I used my Ki`i Kukui and it worked again! He (my dog) doesn’t limp anymore.

My Aumakua is back! LOL

I forgot to tell that my mother is very well right now. The neurologist said that never saw a case like that. She is perfectly okay without any sequels of the cerebral vascular accident.

To tell you the truth she is even better than before.

- Claudia

That’s wonderful, isn’t it?

A little blessed Ki`i Kukui from me here in San Francisco to Claudia in Brazil.

And because of Huna, and the Ki`i Kukui lore, and Claudia’s caring and faith, a fine pooch in Brazil was freed of pain and the need to limp!

All she had to do was ask for a Ki`i Kukui, and we made one for her, as we do for everyone who asks for one. No training on her part, no skill-sets to learn. Just a kukui nut shell I’ve blessed, and holding it on a wound or sickness with the intent in your heart to heal and have aloha for something, and faith that it will work.

And: Surprise! It does!

Gosh, when I think of all the hundreds of millions of times the little Ki`i Kukui healing magic might have been used that day between San Francisco and Brazil, it makes me shake my head that people aren’t standing in lines outside the house here waiting for them.

Oh well, I’ve got mine. You got yours too? Yes? That’s good then.

A hui hou,



…from San Francisco

Aloha kakou!

I do so love to fondle my Ki`i Kukui nuts. I’ve never told anyone this story.

Last October I had lunch with my former manager. I had not seen her more than a couple of times in the last four years since I left that company as we live 400 miles apart.

We had dinner (sushi, and it was wonderful!) and the conversation drifted to my favorite subject, Huna.

Understand that I have been wearing an ever increasing Ki`i kukui lei since I started studying Huna almost 10 years ago, and I have known Joanne since 1993-1994.

At some point, her manager asked her about my kukuis because I wore them (and still do) every day. It must have looked odd to a very-staid Brit. She told him not to give me a hard time about them as they were religious objects. He never said a word after that!

I never knew about that conversation, and thinking about it, I appreciate the magnificence of it. Ten years ago I didn’t have any Ki`i Kukui.

In August of 1991 I got my first. Now my lei is e pau (complete) at 40 and they are my most beloved possession.

They have become more and more powerful, able to heal at need. (And quite attractive to strangers on the street, at train platforms, in supermarkets and at fabric stores. It’s the mana, you see.)

And it’s a good thing that I wear them everyday. For without them, how could I help my friends?

Last Tuesday I arranged to have lunch in the cafeteria with a friend.

As I was not at my desk and not far from the cafeteria, I had my friend meet me in the conference room after my morning meeting ended. I was startled and dismayed that she was walking slowly and with obvious discomfort. I asked her what was wrong, and she said her back pained her and that she had spent several days in bed unable to move. I looked at her, turned around and shut the door, took off my lei, and as she watched me she pleaded, “Heal me!” I activated my lei and proceeded to place them on her lower back where the pain was. After about a minute, I removed the lei and there was hardly any pain. She exclaimed, “I believe! I believe!” She was able to walk with complete freedom and comfort to the cafe.

Unfortunately, after sitting and talking and eating for quite a while, and getting up and walking a bit, the pain returned. We walked slowly down the hall and ducked into the Ladies Room. I did another mana infusion and application of the Ki`i Kukui lei and she got enough relief to continue back to her office.

She had never considered calling me, her friendly neighborhood Kahuna, to help her. I told her she just had to pick up a phone and I would drive to her house to work on her. She had been to the doctor.

She was taking pain medication, but her good friend she didn’t think of. NOW she will!!

Now what could I have done to ease her distress if I had not had my lei? Or if I let other’s opinions influence me in not wearing it?

My kukuis are beautiful and my lei also contains beautiful antique ivory beads, but I don’t wear them for ME (although I cherish them and think them beautiful as they are). I wear them to be of Service.

It’s not jewelry. It’s my connection to my Aumakua (Guardian Angel). It’s my badge of accomplishment on ke alanui e pono ia `o huna – the Great Path of Huna Righteousness.

- Keonaona


Aloha all!

I have so much to say about my Ki`i Kukui lei, that I don’t quite know how to begin. I guess I’ll start with my most recent adventure, which was this very afternoon.

I had been running around town doing the usual Saturday errands, like bank deposits, stamps and packages at the post office, topping off the oil in the car etc., when I decided to drop by to see my jeweler. (We’re designing a pendant of Huna design, and I wanted to see what progress he’d been making.)

When I got there he was hard at work fixing a watch, with that magnifying thing on. He said he hadn’t had a chance to work on my design since the last time we consulted on it. I said “No problem, I have plenty of other things to do – don’t get up!”

He did get up and started rubbing his eyes and casually mentioned he had an intense headache.

I said, “Come here.”

As I removed my lei (I always wear it as I never know when I’ll be called upon to be of service as a Huna Healer), he leaned over the counter toward me and asked, “What are you going to do, heal me? ”

I said yes as I wrapped the lei around my hands. (Quite a feat as my lei is e pau, complete with 40 kukuis nut shells!) I asked him where it hurt so I could focus their healing power directly to the spot (s). I touched them to his temples, and after probably for no more than 10 seconds, he moved back. I was willing to work on him longer, so I was rather surprised.

He looked astonished! He said his headache was completely gone. He shook his head, not quite believing it.

I said, “I’m just your friendly neighborhood Kahuna who just happened to drop by…” I smiled; he smiled, and I left.

Now that I’ve typed it, I’m impressed!

Last night my chiropractor called to make an appointment with me to work on his ankle! I’ll let you know what happens. I see him Monday lunchtime.

- Keonaona


Hi Lani:

I just wanted to send you a note to say thank you.  My three year old son Steven got his hand caught in a door and you can only imagine the screaming.  There was a red line where the door pinched his hand and he was in a lot of pain.  As I have mentioned to you on several other occasions, Steven is very familiar with the healing power of the Ki`i Kukui.  I asked him if he wanted to hold Daddy’s Ki`i Kukui and he nodded yes with out any break in the crying.  I placed the Ki`i Kukui in his hand in within three seconds Steve stopped crying and asked “is it fixed yet”.  He held on to the Ki`i Kukui for a few more minutes and then everything was fine.

Thank you for introducing me to the incredible healing powers of the Ki`i Kukui.

All the best.





My Mother had a very bad stress related headache earlier.  I took off my  ki’i kukui and held it against her temple.  After twenty seconds I asked how  she felt and she replied ‘good’, and smiled.  The ki’i kukui had reduced her headache from very bad to mild, in less than half a minute.  That’s a pretty good start, huh?

Could you please be a bit more specific with the kind of healings that you  think I should reward my ki’i kukui with awa powder for?


Aloha C,


XXX, who got his Ki`i Kukui in the last batch, as you did, also did a fine healing. He said he’ll post on it!

As far as rewarding your Ki`i Kukui, think of your Ki`i Kukui as a friendly and helpful puppy. Give him a “reward” (rub his shell with `Awa powder) anytime it comes to mind to do so.

Kahuna Lani



…from Ireland

My Ki`i Kukui turned color within 20 hours! And I was hoping to enjoy the Caramel color for a few days. It obviously wasn’t meant to be!!!

STILL it was GREAT!!! I wear it almost every day and do not feel complete without it!

It is like my little friend, but my very great friend too! Does that make sense?

- Fiona


I want to be a Hunian! I am going to wait patiently for your next step and hoping it’ll be to give classes on the Internet. :)

Today I saw on cable TV someone in Fiji taking kava with the natives. He said that they take the kava on religious ceremonies and at the end of a day, just to be at easy after a day of hard work. My friend is still free of her back pain, after a week since I have used my Ki`i Kukui on her.

- Claudia

So how do you have faith first, before you actually press it on someone’s would? You simply decide it is going to work, and then do it. The only time proof is given to anyone is when they have faith first.

There are many people with Ki`i Kukui out there, you’re probably one of them.



Yesterday I had a Healing Session with my chiropractor. He had turned his left ankle almost two weeks ago as he was walking down a flight of stairs. There had been bruising, which was gone by the time I saw him, but his ankle was still swollen.

After doing some preparation, I applied my Ki`i Kukui lei to his ankle. After that, I did a direct infusion of mana around and about his ankle.

The only sensation he experienced during the session was a small movement in his toes which then subsided.

He reported no other sensations or results. Well, sometimes people are not as sensitive to mana as others. (Like me. I suspect it’s because I have such a high level of mana that the additional mana is not sufficient to cause a change in condition, or even perception.)

Sometimes a Healing is more effective sooner rather than later. (The teaching is to not let the body accommodate to the hurt/not-normal condition. The longer the duration since the injury, the longer the body has had to get used to it.)

Sometimes it doesn’t seem to work. (It could be that the Healer, in this case me, was not up to snuff that day. Or, as Lani has said of his attempts to heal diabetes, mana infusions of our type are not effective. I don’t think this is the case. Both Lani and I have worked on injured ankles successfully.)

Sometimes, a change is experienced later rather than immediately. (I asked him to let me know how he’s doing, just in case his reaction is delayed.

Sometimes it’s hard to perceive a difference, as a Huna Healing is a restoration to one’s “normal” sense of well being. It’s not like a massage that causes one to feel really really good afterwards.

Cessation of discomfort, or pain relief, may be difficult to describe, let alone notice. Especially if the discomfort is mild. I suspect that my chiropractor is like me – highly energized and full of mana. He did a lot of self-care that first week after the injury which resulted in the bruising to disappear rather quickly. Perhaps his foot has everything it needs to continue the healing process.

I simply don’t know.

Sometimes we learn from our failures as much as from our successes.

Of course, this will not prevent me from continuing to be of Service in this way. It strengthens my resolve!

But I still hope to hear something good came of it. I’ll call him before the week ends…

- Keonaona

What Is A Healing?

<KAHUNA LANI>: Aloha Kahuna Keonaona, this brings up the crux of the matter, “What is a healing?”

Say I’m locked by accident in a closet in a vacant house. I’m trapped. I am shouting for someone to help me.

Suddenly there is someone there, trying to help me. If they succeed in getting me out of the closet, then fine; but what if they “fail” to do that? Is it the same as if no one ever tried to help me?

No. Not at all. I am far better off knowing that someone cared enough to try to help; even if they didn’t know how. If I never find a way out of that closet, one day the Final Friend will find me and release me into the Dreamworld, and then onto my next life. That is a certainty. Ultimately, I am safe. As is everyone.

Even if that happens, will I know more than I would have otherwise? Absolutely! Fact is that all of us will meet the Final Friend. All of us will eventually go to the Dreamworld once again.

So what do we carry with us? The knowledge that in our time of need, no one even cared so much as to lift a finger to try to help us? Or that in our time of need, when we called out for help, someone tried to help; even if the help was not obviously successful. I say “obvious” because it is deceptive.

The fact that someone tried to help is more important than if that attempt was “successful” or not. For any physical healing is only temporary whilst the knowledge gained by the person about the aloha or compassion of another, is priceless and leaves a permanent graciousness upon one’s soul.

I remember the first transient I healed who died on me three years afterwards. On her deathbed, she told me that I would never know how much the healing did for her.

All the time, we know that people can be alone even in a crowd. No longer does your Chiropractor know that thing. Whether his foot was healed or not out of your sight, makes little difference. He knows, not as a faith or a theory, but as a reality; that someone cared for him in the time of his need.

Whether or not his foot was healed, I have no idea at this point. But what is certain to me is that a healing occurred, even if all the participants missed it.

-Kahuna Lani


…from Arizona

Aloha Everyone!

I had the great privilege and honor and to witness the healing power of my Ki`i Kukui and its interaction with the lord of Light, my Aumakua.

Granted, most of this happened in a realm of subtlety I’m not quite sensitive enough to perceive yet, but I accept it as a postulate on the simple basis that a little polished nut from Hawaii hanging from a string just plain can’t heal (or change color) unless it has been imbued and filled with spirit and healing energy from an external source. (And how cool is that?) But I ramble…

So, Shannon picks me up from work. Her right arm is hanging limp in her lap. She reports sharp pain in her thumb and shoulder and numbness of the whole arm. I observe that she doesn’t use it at all, compensating completely with her left arm. We arrive at her home and I tell her that we can do some “work” on her arm. She lays down on the bed and relaxes while I spend a moment to prepare myself and attempt to generate a mana surcharge even though I don’t really know how. I figure intent is the main thing and start doing deep breathing while having a chat with my Unihipili and Aumakua, explaining the fun little experiment I was going to perform in Shannon’s behalf. I placed my Ki`i Kukui upon her shoulder, covered it with my hands, and breathed into it in my imagination. She got really drowsy. In a relatively short time thereafter, the pain in her shoulder stopped.

Her hand still hurt, so I repeated the procedure and placed the Kukui on her hand until the pain stopped.

Then I kissed her forehead, ’cause hey, every little thing helps, eh?

Afterwards, she had normal movement and action with the arm and no pain. Nor does she have any recurrence today.

You just have to feel humbled and awed by such a simple thing having such a profound effect. I know I am.

It seems to me, if you’ll allow me to pontificate, that our job as healers is to simply to create a sacred, safe environment in which transients (to borrow Lani’s term) may resource within themselves and find healing. Their body knows; their Aumakua knows what is needed. However, being sick, they are naturally depleted; their mana is low. Too low to stave off the illness or heal the injury, plus culturally we are conditioned to think we must be sick, and must be hurt. So, as healers, do we not just send them our faith, our mana, and our intention and then allow their bodies to heal? So it seems to me at least, but what a miracle. I’ve seen an instant healing of a chronic nervous ailment affecting a friend’s arm that once kept her out of work for almost a quarter of a year.

Are not the sweet little Ki`i Kukui’s just the coolest things? The world needs more of them. Consequently, we will need more of Lani. I wonder how the human someone cloning program is coming along?

Meanwhile, I send my aloha to you all,

- Akahikane


Aloha ,

Kahuna Lani created a sweet, little Ki`i for me. He presented it to me just prior to our Firewalk. The little Kukui walked with me. When I received it, it was a wonderful polished Carmel color, with the slightest hint of darker markings striping the surface. Interestingly those once slight streaks of darker brown have now spread out to cover and color almost the entire nut. Very little of the original caramel brown remains, and even what little is still there is noticeably darker. That’s really amazing.

A dear friend had a headache, so I told her I’d just have to put my nut on her head and di

d so straight away. A sense of heat and tingling surged out that I could feel in the hand holding the Ki`i Kukui. Her headache went away. How cool is that?

I wish I had the eyes to see and appreciate the aka structures contained within the Kukui nut and follow them back to their sources, to appreciate the spirit of the little, sweet Ki`i that fills the shell and animates the life within it.

I do have one question though, I know the Ki`i Kukui is sensitive to liquid. I can’t hurt it with my own sweat can I? I wore it during a therapy session with a client tonight as I was doing Lomilomi and I sweat like crazy when I work. It concerned me a little.



No one knows now. There is much we don’t know about them.

Don’t wear it in the shower.

For me, I’d wear it when I did the Lomilomi or a healing, etc.

And remember, so long as you keep the pedigree which came with it, you can send it back to get a new shell if the shell ever breaks.

A hui hou,


Cuts/Stop Bleeding


You know, it’s fascinating. I arrived back in Arizona Wednesday evening with my new Ki`i Kukui. Thursday I had a dinner date with friends. Shannon’s young son, Zach, had fallen from his bicycle and had a large scab on his elbow. It was probably around 2 inches long and an inch wide. I said to him, “Here, this might help you,” and touched the Ki`i Kukui to the scab for about 10 seconds.

I didn’t really make much of it at the time. I just did it and forgot about it. Well, here we are 3 days later and Zach comes up to me and shows me his elbow. The scab fell off. It is completely gone and the new skin is a healthy dark pink. You just have to love that.

Let me just re-emphasis: I did nothing but touch the Ki`i to little Zach’s skin for a small moment with the intention that it could help it heal faster. Well, it did.




Hi Lani:

Just wanted to let you know that my son fell last night at the local pool and cut his knee.  There was a surprising amount of blood for a cut that seemed small.  As I was putting pressure on the cut, someone asked if I would like them to go get a Band Aid.  While they were gone, I took out my Ki’i Kukui and placed it on the cut.  The bleeding stopped in seconds, even before the person had returned with the Band-Aid.

This made me think of a Huna joke for you.

Q:  How many healings does it take to create a believer?

A:  Just one more.

Thanks for your help.




Aloha Kahuna Nui Lani,

Yesterday I forgot my pipe when I left the office. I had a few errands to run and went back about 45 minutes later to pick it up. When I walked in my boss, Ken, was holding a cloth on his bloody nose. A pump had gotten away from him and smacked him hard right in the nose. It’s a wonder it didn’t knock him out.

I asked him if he wanted me to help. He did.

I took off my Ki`i Kukuis, bunched them in my hand and put them on his nose. I called to my Aumakua to help. As I held the Ki`i Kukuis on him, I ‘saw’ his nose reconstructed and healed.

The bleeding stopped. I think most of his pain was gone

I just love my Kiwi Kukuis and my Aumakua and am SO grateful to be able to do this.

Mahalo Nui Loa,

Kahuna Haku Pule Ulana

Aloha Ulana,

GREAT experience!!!

The world really benefits from the Ki`i Kukui, doesn’t it?

That’s why it is a good thing to wear it on a necklace every day. The end of “jewelry”, and the beginning of Service.

Thanks to the invention of “Surfing” from Hawaii, it is OK for a guy to wear a chocker, and not be stared at too much in public!

Indeed, at least in California, seeing a guy with a chocker isn’t unusual at all. And it amuses me that our Kukui Bearers can wear an icon capable of instantly stopping bleeding and pain from a wound at the touch of it. And it is usually worn as a necklace (for the ladies) or a choker (for the guys)—and nobody knows of the secret power of Service that they see—and ignore.




Healing Broken Bones

…from Texas

The only time I take my Ki`i Kukui off is when I take a shower and sometimes when I go to bed.

I talked to the lady I talked to yesterday that I worked with, who had the broken rib. She told me she got a full night’s sleep for the first time since she hurt herself, after I worked with her.

She was amazed at how fast it worked and then started asking how it worked and why. Hey, the lady who had the broken rib is a very devout Catholic and I worked with her in front of 3 of her Catholic friends. None of them are metaphysically inclined or have had any training.

They all thought it was interesting and watched.

I told them it is was blessed and is or works like my blessed water (that I never carry). She left and went to Colorado and promptly re-injured it the next day carrying bags so she was unable to know the extent of her condition after I worked with her.

I have had several similar experiences so, IT WORKS!!!

- Jim


Kidney Stones

…10-10-04 eastern Canada

RS wrote:

Hi Lani:

Hope this email finds you well.

As you may have noticed from my many emails, I have a VERY analytical mind.
I need proof that something works, and a few coincidences do not constitute proof. However, I am quickly becoming convinced of the powers of the Ki`i Kukui.

My wife has passed kidney stones on two occasions over the past few years.
In both cases, the pain was so intense that she ended up in hospital on the maximum amount of morphine they could give to someone her size. Even with that significant about of drugs, the pain was unbearable.

Last weekend the pain started again and she new it was another kidney stone.
I explained the healing powers of the Ki`i Kukui to her and she agreed to wear it around her neck. This was about 9:00 in the morning. Amazingly, the pain was gone by noon. She did end up passing the stone the following day … with no pain.

Just thought you would like to hear some positive feedback from an
analytical skeptic who is quickly being convinced.




Aloha RS,

It is good to be sane. Huna is a “mundane” religion. It really works. Of  course, a person can deny it, but then that’s just crazy. To insist that  it is “real” without objective existential proof is wrong and insane  too. One just has to interested enough and observant enough to operate  on faith long enough for something to prove itself out or not.

Mahalo Nui for being on of the few sane people who are also open to  being in a state of faith.

Yes, the Ki`i Kukui is real. It does real miracles. The world has had to  wait ten thousand generations of life for me and Huna to finally bring  them into beingness!!!

While I can take no real credit for the uses you or any KB puts them to.
I smile to think that a lady so far away from me in space and time, was  helped. I smile but I take nothing away from you or the gods by that.

And yet I wonder, will the Ki`i Kukui still be entering the World to
ease its pain a hundred years from now? Or will the secret of their
construction die with me and the mamo (descendent) kahuna I have  initiated into the Huna Heiau Church as our na Kahuna `o Huna.

Whose warm skin will be devoted to their making after I have passed?

Will the TMHG still be made each day? Will our Huna Seminary someday exist?

You hold in your trembling hands something marvelous and wonderful!

– Lani

We each speak from our own point of view. The above is written from my POV alone.

Ear Ache

Eastern Canada…

A friend and KB (Kukui Bearer) wrote:

Hi Lani:

I hope this note finds you well.

I just wanted to share an experience I had yesterday with the Ki`i Kukui. My two year old son has been suffering with ear infections for some time. Yesterday I decided to place the Ki`i Kukui on his ear. Within a minute his red ear was back to normal colour. I asked if his ear still hurt and he said “No”. He slept through the night last night and I asked him again this morning how his ear was. He said “Fine Daddy”. My only regret is that I did not think of using the healing powers of the Ki`i Kukui sooner.

Thanks Lani.


Aloha your dudeship,

Yes, humanity has been waiting for ten thousand years and more to have the na Ki`i Kukui come into existence! To kokua (assist) those who want to become “Hosts” or “Crew Members” here in the Created World we find ourselves in;. agonized and bloody and sick as it is. I’m glad and so honored that I was the one who intuited a Way to do it from our Huna theology! I am glad and honored that Huna and the Po`e Aumakua showed me the Way. I am proud of you and glad that you got yours and become a KB or Kukui Bearer and want to Serve and ameliorate some of this world’s pain and suffering, and are using it!

Mahalo nui,

Kahuna Ho`anoiwahinenuiho`aLani


Hi Lani:

My four year old son fell yesterday and hurt his hand.  As you can imagine, the tears started immediately.  As I picked him up to comfort him, he reached inside my shirt at took out the Ki’ i Kukui I wear around my neck.  With tears streaming down his face, he repeated “Ki ‘i Kukui as he held my Ki ‘i  Kukui to his hand.  The tears stopped, he put my Ki ‘i Kukui back inside my shirt, and off he went to continue playing.

Thanks Lani.



…from Arizona

Aloha Lani,

I realized that I forgot to email you this, since I had talked to you on the phone.  I have been having trouble sleeping lately, getting on average 4-5 hours of sleep a night, and it always takes me forever to fall asleep.  After receiving my ki’i kukui last week, and of course having expert hands to help make me a beautiful choker, I was laying in bed on Saturday, just wanting to sleep so bad.  Then it dawned on me……  Duh, use your ki’i kukui, and ask your Aumakua.  So I held the ki’i kukui in my hand, closed my eyes, and said “Please, just let me get some sleep…”  After about 30 seconds (still holding it) I began to get that prickly feeling that you get when your arm or your hand falls asleep.  It began to spread over my whole body.  Eventually it was like the feeling was emanating from my [whole body] it became so strong.  I would say it lasted about 3-5 minutes, then, tapered off.  I let go of the ki’i kukui, turned over in bed, went immediately to sleep, and stayed asleep for 12 hours.  I don’t know that this would technically be classified as a “healing”, but it certainly helped me in a time of need.  I look forward to learning to expand my knowledge and begin to help other people.  Thank you so much for your enlightenment….

Aloha J,

Good hearing from you.

That is a wonderful use of the Ki`i Kukui, and after such a short time of having it!

This is the first time I’ve heard of using it like this, but then all the uses had a first time!