Request a Ki`i Kukui

Your Ki`i Kukui is a key to enhance your healing and prayer life. Our intention is to provide one to anyone who asks us in hopes to help alleviate the suffering in the world.

We put hours of focus and intention

Pressing any other unblessed kukui shell onto a bleeding, agonizing wound is simply like pressing a Walnut shell or Peach pit on it. It has no effect, except to make matters worse. The kukui shell is only used to contain the Kahuna `o Huna’s breath of prayer and chanting, the kainoa (bridge over troubled waters) Finger of God.

A Kukui Bearer (KB) may follow any Path of Sublime Enlightenment (Religion) or none at all to have, or to effectively use his or her Ki`i Kukui for instant religious healings to be accomplished. We also give them away to those who wish to try to help ameliorate the suffering of this Created World we find ourselves in, but who are broke. A donation of $10 to cover the cost to us of Materials, our Time, Shipping and Handling is appreciated, but even that is waived if necessary.

If you would like to request a Ki`i Kukui here is what you need to do.

1. If you haven’t yet, download the The Essential Guide to Prayer and Healing. (The supplemental guide to making mana will arrive when you receive your Ki’i Kukui in the mail)

2. Printout and Read Kapus (Guidelines) you must agree to follow. If you agree to these Kapus then sign and send to us along with the other items listed on the Agreement form.

3. Choose Donation Amount below to use Paypal or send your donation (check or money order) with your signed Agreement

Donation Amount

Other Amount

4. Mail us your signed Ki`i Kukui Agreement Form, a picture of yourself, and check or money order if you didn’t send by Paypal yet.

Once we receive these items in the mail you can expect to receive your Ki`i Kukui in 3-4 weeks.

When you request a Ki`i Kukui you become significant to us as a contributor. You share our intention in helping ease suffering in the world. You have our commitment to support you in being successful at this. This may include advanced practices using your Ki`i Kukui, such as money rituals.