Prayer Requests

Would you like help getting your prayers answered?

  • Request protection for loved ones serving in the military
  • Request help for any person needing physical or mental or spiritual healing or protection
  • Request aid during a financial crisis
  • Request resolution for a life problem

Prayer support is not about finding a “fix” or a “cure”, it is a request for the assistance of the Po`e Aumakua to open a way for resolution.

How to request help from the Po’e Aumakua?

A request must be sent to us with a photo and a way to contact you in case we have any questions about your request.

Huna Heiau Church
P.O. Box 21253
Concord, CA  94521-0253

If you have questions, you can email us at and a Kahuna will contact you to work on your prayer request so tyhat it is worded to produce the results that you would like.

Kahuna Nui Max Freedom Long set the kapu that people we work for must report in once each month. This way we do not continue to pray in support of things that have long before been answered. So it is expected that you will contact us once a month, every month, to keep the TMHG request active, or it will be removed at the end of the month.

If you would like to become member of the TMHG and join us in our daily prayer, the Heiau Institute of Huna Studies offers a Huna Initiation course and courses in Huna Prayer. Please visit for more information.